Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Leddy Library Staff – A Homemade Holiday Party

Leddy Library Staff – A Homemade Holiday Party
Monday, December 9th from 11:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. in the 4th floor staff lounge.

A few new party features this year:

Silent Auction – We know that we have some very creative people here at the Leddy. We would welcome your homemade submissions of your arts, crafts, preserves, etc., that other staff may bid on. Since the auction comes after the Adopt a Family deadline, we will give all the auction proceeds to another worthwhile charity (TBD). Please submit your auction items by Thursday, December 5th to Barb Pare in Information Services (Room 100 West).

Best Holiday Headpiece Contest – To get you into the holiday spirit, we will have a contest for the best Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice/Just Winter hat or headpiece. Be creative and have fun with this one!

Best Dish Contest – We know that we have some fabulous cooks and bakers on staff. We miss your cooking and baking, so we hope that you’ll consider making a dish this year. We will have ballots available, so that staff can vote on the best dish and the winner will get a prize. If you are willing to give us your recipe, we will post all recipes on the Staff Intranet following the party. As before, if you run out of time to make a dish, the cost for lunch is $12.

Games with Prizes – These will be fun – we promise.

Don’t forget to RSVP for the party by Wednesday, December 4th (contact Lucy or Yvonne). We look forward to seeing you all at the party.

Your Holiday Party elves:
Yvonne Arnowitz
Katharine Ball
Lucy Formicuccia
Karen Pillon
Jennifer Soutter
Shuzhen Zhao

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