The next design problem: how to create lists of links from a list of nodes

At the moment, the Leddy Library web team is tackling “design problems” to get a better feel of what sort of architecture we need to build.  We are concentrating on how to replace our current A to Z list of indexes and databases (currently handled with Zope) .

Ideally, each index would be a node, like a more complex version of the image below:

We could add many more fields to this description (such as coverage dates, title lists, open access designation, licensing info, logo) and show different views of this information using Drupal’s Views.

In the image above,  the important field that still needs to be added is the “link” to the resource ( e.g.,url,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=a9h)

Putting aside the work that will go into how to separate the ez proxy link from the rest of the resources link, the problem we’re working on is how to create a Drupal View of links that come from a list of such nodes.

I’m not sure whether this is best handled within Views or by installing a module such as Link.

There’s some plumbing in the Drupal API about forming external links and there’s a difference reference that the Drupal API now incorporates some of the elements from the Token module (which we were considering for our EZ proxy link prefix) but to be perfectly honest, I don’t know how the API is supposed to be used from within Drupal.


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  1. Mita Williams says:

    Just as a follow up, it looks like the Link module handles this problem very nicely!

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