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Leddy Holiday Hours

December 20th, 2007 by Mita

Please be aware of our hours of service over the holiday break.

Of note, the Leddy Library will be closed at 4:30 pm on Friday, December 21st and will not re-open until January 2nd at 8 am.

Leddy Collection Policy White Paper

December 10th, 2007 by admin

The Leddy Library has plans to revise its collection policy. The current policy was written in the early 1990s, and has only had minor revisions since.

Those who might be interested can follow some of our discussion on collection policy development through the Leddy Collection Policy White Paper, prepared using CommentPress, a WordPress template that allows commenting at the level of the paragraph.

Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007)

December 8th, 2007 by Peter

German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen has died. Naxos Music Library provides a short biography of Stockhausen. Mark Beech of Bloomberg.com discusses Stockhausen’s Divided Legacy.

Leddy Library has a few recordings of Stockhausen’s work in our CD collection:

Kontakte (edit)
OHM+ the early gurus of electronic music, 1948-1980
CD 1518

Gruppen: Werk Nr. 6
Grabstein für Stephan
CD 1445

Chöre für Doris, Drei Lieder, Sonatine, Kreuzspiel
Chöre für Doris
CD 1466

Klavierstücke I-XI
CD 565

Kontakte: für elektronische Klänge, Klavier und Schlagzeug
CD 1533

CDs are for in-library listening only.

William Blake Display

December 7th, 2007 by admin

William Blake

Originally uploaded by leddy library weblog

Much thanks goes to The Blakeans for commemorating the 250th Anniversary of William Blake’s birth with such a beautiful display in front of the Williams Cafe in the Leddy Library. Drop by to see their work or see more pictures on our Flickr site. There is also a related digital exhibit of Blake’s life, times and works available.

Spotlight: Macleans Rankings

December 4th, 2007 by Mita

The Leddy Library has copies of the Maclean’s University Rankings issues from 1999 to 2007 (minus 2003) available for short term loan from our course reserves collection. Also on course reserve is The Globe and Mail’s University Report Card for 2007, 2006, and 2003.

(If someone has a 2003 Maclean’s University Rankings issue or back issues of the Globe and Mail Report Card that they are willing to donate to the Leddy Library, it would be most appreciated)

In the 2007 Macleans University Rankings, the libraries of the University of Windsor ranked 4th among the 11 “comprehensive” universities for Library Acquisitions, 4th for Library Holdings Per Student, and 8th for Library Expenses Per Student.

Spotlight: The Globe 100

December 3rd, 2007 by Mita

This past Saturday, The Globe and Mail published its year end list of top 100 books of 2007. The following are from this list and can be found in the Leddy Library’s collection:



Winter 2008 Hours posted

December 3rd, 2007 by Mita

The Winter 2008 hours for The Leddy Library have been posted and our trial of 24/5 service continues for another semester.

Of note, regular hours will be in effect for:
Study Week: February 25 – 29
Good Friday : March 21
Easter Weekend : March 22 & 23

And there will be reduced hours of service for February 18th (Family Day) from 8 am to 8 pm.

Archives open again

November 29th, 2007 by Mita

The University of Windsor Archives; and Rare Books and Special Collections have re-opened after some upgrades. We are pleased to welcome the return of researchers to these facilities.

Best Lists of 2007

November 28th, 2007 by Mita

As the end of the year approaches, the number of “Best of” lists begin to appear – just in time for the holiday season. And every year Rex Sorgatz starts and maintains a list of “best of” lists. At the time of this posting, there are 16 “best of” lists dedicated to books.

Keeping Author Rights

November 27th, 2007 by Mita

Those who are about to submit a research paper to a publisher may interested in SPARC’s Resources for Authors page. SPARC developed this page to help researchers answer questions like “Can I post a copy of my published article on a personal or course web site?”

Knowing that many scholarly authors are unaware that they generally sign away almost all their rights to redistribute their work or to create derivative works upon being published, SPARC has developed the SPARC Canadian Author Addendum (pdf) to help researchers and writers retain their rights as author.

SPARC stands for “Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition” and is “an international alliance of academic and research libraries working to correct imbalances in the scholarly publishing system” developed by the Association of Research Libraries.